About Us

About Us

A Word About Quality

No less than 90% of the products installed in your home are MADE IN THE USA! The only reason that we state 90% is that there may be some material or ingredient that we are not aware of. This is our way of supporting our country and economy.

Our lumber comes from managed forests in the USA. Our nails and fasteners are made in USA. Our insulation is manufactured in Minnesota. Our drywall is from Michigan. Our wire is manufactured in North Carolina. Our trim, doors, cabinets and counter tops are manufactured in Indiana. Our carpet is from Georgia.

A Word About Recycling

We are proud of our green footprint on society and your project. We recycle all of the waste and scrap from your project. We separate all scrap lumber, metal, copper, plastic, drywall, paper, carpet, and ceramic. These are then placed in separate bins at a recycling location near our office. This scrap is then reused to make new building materials.

98.7% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RATE from 2007 to 2020

For quality, on time delivery of work, quality of products provided, and cleanliness of project site. Our employees work Monday thru Friday, every day! Unlike some companies that show up when they want to fit you in their schedule, we start your project and stay with it until it is complete. Homeowners are amazed at how fast the project proceeds in this matter.


We meet with you and listen to your ideas, give you a few of our own, take a few measurements and give you a general estimate. For a small fee of $89, I will itemize your estimate along with a set of drawings into a full proposal. This fee will be credited back to you into the project. This allows you to look at all of your options and decide what you want to spend on your project. This is the price that you pay. The only way that it will change is if you change it.


No gimmicks, no fine print, no tricks. Just show us a copy of their written quote.
We are a registered contractor with The Town of Fishers, Carmel, and Noblesville Greenwood and Columbus.